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Mina Cornelia Johanna van Nes


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
The print on the right shows a painting done by Wilhelmina Douglas-Hawley (1860-1958). She was an American artist who traveled to Holland to hone her craft. The painter spent a considerable amount of time in Rijsoord, a town that attracted not only local vacationers, but also artists because of its idyllic setting. The artist often asked the local people to pose for her paintings. One of those who agreed to sit for a painting was my grandmother, Mina Cornelia Van Nes. She is shown in the picture on the right "Mientje Van Nes aan het repelen". The artist portrayed my grandmother weaving flax, an industry which was a part of life in Rijsoord. I have been told that my grandmother sat for the artist while her family was vacationing in Rijsoord. But, secretly. Because posing for a painting would have been seen as an act of pride, and, therefore, a sin. This painting did not come to the attention of family until many years later.
On Sunday March 30th, 1879, Mina Cornelia Johanna Van Nes was the eleventh child born to Florus Van Nes and Cornelia Johanna Schumacher. Mientje would eventually marry Teunis Berkman. Together they had five children:
Cornelia (1914)
Marinus Johannes (1916)
Adriana Margaretha Catherina, my mom, (1918)
Flora (1921)
Florus (1924)
I did not know my grandmother very well, because my parents had immigrated to the United States before I was born. My "Oma" died July 26, 1967, at the age of eighty-eight and three months.