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(pag. 497) Then we visited Volendam, and stayed at Spaander's Hotel for 3fl. a day (by the week). Everyone here speaks English. This is full of most quaint subjects, and all the fisherfolk wear the costume. There is a regular and quite moderate tariff for models at Laren and Volendam.
I was also given the following addresses of places frequented by artists:
Vrouw Noorlander Rijsoord, near Dordrecht; train to Dort, cross by ferry, Sweindrecht tram to Rijsoord, terms, 12 fl. a week, and very comfortable.
Hotel Pennock, Dordrecht; Hotel Het Haasje, Damrak, Amsterdam; Hotel Fleur d'Or, Rue des Moins, Antwerp, near the cathedral. I may add that during our sojourn in Holland we found nobody grasping, except, perhaps, the children at Volendam."