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Een jonge Amerikaansche schilderes, miss HELEN DUNLOP HUNT, werd, toen zij op de Fransche badplaats Morlaix aan het strand zat te werken door de opkomende zee verrast. Goed kunnende zwemmen sprong zij in zee, doch verstuikte haar voet op een rots waardoor dit lichaamsdeel verlamd werd. Toen hulp kwam opdagen, was miss Dunlop reeds verdronken.

[New York Times Newspaper Archives Tuesday, August 29, 1905 - Page 6]
How Miss Hunt Died.
From The London Telegraph.
PARIS, Aug. 18. - Near the picturesque Morlaix in Brittany, not far from Brest, a young American lady artist, Miss Helen Dunlop Hunt, has lost her life on a very sad as well as tragic manner.
She was sitting on a rock near the sea sketching, and was so absorbed in her work that she failed to uptice of the tide. Feeling the water plashing about her feet, she looked up from her easel, and saw herself cut off from the mainland by nearly half a mile of st-a.
Being a good swimmer the young lady resolved to get ashore as quickly as possible, so she struck out courageously for the land. As she was nearing a place of safety one of her feet was cut fearfully by the rocks, and she was unabb move.. The young lady artist was drowned.


De Dordrechtsche Courant 18-8-1905