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(pagina 5357) The Arts
By Gladys Beattie Crozier
Art Schools and Studios in Holland - Famous Sketching Centres in Holland

... Rysoort, near Dordrecht, is highly prized as a sketching ground for the sake of the
picture-making possibilities afforded by its river and landscape.
Katwyk-aan-Zee and Nordwijk-aan-Zee offer speldid field for painters of marine subjects ...
Some Favourite Spots
At Rysoort the only place te stay at is Pension Vink, where the charge is about 4s a day. The food and accommodation are very simple, speak enthusiastically in its praise.
There is a large studio, many windmills, and much boating, and a staem tram, which runs to Rotterdam, and to Dordrecht.
Other sketching centres which may be mentioned are Rolde and Giethoorn, in Drenthe; and Domburg, in Zeeland, near Flushing; and there are man more.

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