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Guide of Dordrecht, Dordt Holland
Issued by The Dordt Society for Attracting Tourist Traffic
French, English, German
(Vereeniging tot bevordering van de Bloei van Dordrecht en Omstreken (vreemdelingenverkeer))
(hoofdbestuur: N.D. van Gijn, J.C. Edele, J. Kuipers Jzn, A. Hoek, Joh. Tuinenburg, C.M. van Diemen, W. Dooren, H. Teitsma)

Zwijndrecht and Rijsoord
Cross the river Maas in the Zwijndrecht steam ferry boat (fee 2 cents).
Near the ferry landing stage is the White Horse Hotel from where a magnificent view of the river thr Cathedral, Railway bridge and the town is to be obtained.
A lovely walk may be had by coming along either side of the Dike, this will be found very interesting as both river and town are always in sight.
Rijsoord is reached after an hour's walk along the highroad. The village is charmingly situated on the little river Waaltje. Near the bridge at the beginning of Rijsoord are hotels and restaurants. In summer many painters (resp. Americans) stay there for landscape- and figure-painting.
Excursions on foot. From Rijsoord up the highroad, past the second bend turn into the first gravel-path on the right leading along the picturesque little river Devel on the right and traversing the hamlet of Kijfhoek, Zwijndrecht and Dort may be reached again by several ways, the square tower every where visible serving as a guide, the tram can also be taken.
Another excursion should be made starting from Rijsoord, keeping the river Waal to the left. The road leads along the picturesque stream to the village of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.
After looking around the village and going through it you arrive at different roads, all of which terminate at the riverdike. Following the latter to the right you will arrive at Zwijndrecht again or to Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht via the station of this name of the Steamship Co. Fop Smit & Co to Dordrecht.


Guide of Dordrecht 1907 (vreemdelingenverkeer)